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    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2011 edited
    Welcome to the iDGi Forums!

    On March 1st, 2011 (March 1st, 2028) we were forcibly removed from accessing the other dimension, due to the Milestone Three upgrade to the Human / A.I hybrid known as the Consortium King (or K-1, or "Henry XI"). The King received this software upgrade and from then on our original, "brute force" method of connecting, was no longer an option. We required a much more precise means of opening the technological rift.

    So for over two years and counting, certain people from the other dimension (Malcolm Thomas, Alvarez Famosa, and Walter Greenberg to name a few) have been in contact with us through these forums. The public were the ones to reply, and due to our absence from their world at the time, things slowly spun out of control and they became desperate for our return.

    In late June, 2011, we began receiving information for realigning iDGi-1 (Longitude/Latitude coordinates) through the Greenberg Device. The realignment information had been hidden deep within the 21 brains connected to the King – each brain housing one of the 21 required codes. In mid August, 2011, we received the final code for re-entry and I myself entered through the new rift a few days later, using our new dialer (located at http://www.idgi1.net).

    I was the first to enter through the rift using new coordinates and I found myself in the other dimension only three DAYS after we had been removed over a year ago (March 4th, 2028). This subsequently created an alternate timeline to the events described on these forums, and ultimately became the timeline we are connecting to when joining with Bishop Six. Unfortunately this meant that the timeline taking place on these forums continued to go on without our presence, and bad only became worse.

    So to clarify: There are TWO timelines in play, the split happening on March 1st, 2028.

    Timeline #1> Everything that is spoken of on these forums is one timeline which occurs entirely without us being present in their world. This timeline, and everything that happens within it, is entirely restricted to these forums and does NOT represent the correct backstory of the Consortium experience. However, much can be learned about key people and events through an understanding of this alt-timeline.

    Timeline #2> Everything that happens upon entering the correct lat/long coordinates into IDGI1.net (the codes gotten through the Greenberg Device) is another timeline where we are present in their world and have been able to influence the outcome of events. This is the same timeline you can experience by playing Consortium and does represent a correct backstory of events

    As an alternate to reading the posts on here (starting with "<03/28/2010 - 04/08/2010> Hello!"), you can instead download Thrie’s .PDF Guide to everything posted on these forums. The guide includes .PDFs for every thread/post and will tell you when to begin new threads and is generally easier to follow then the raw posts on here.

    In fact, I HIGHLY recommend this method of reading the forums as it is always kept up to date and limits confusion stemming from not knowing what to read and when: http://www.interdimensionalgames.com/ThriesForumGuide.zip

    Thanks for reading,

    -Vidal Desertch
    -Principal Inventor of the iDGi-1 Satellite